Monday, January 10, 2011

muffins that taste like!!!

 I posted this recipe last Friday here, but failed to have pictures to prove how amazing these little pretties are...and with the Muffin Tin Monday theme of papers and cups, I thought I'd make muffins again! 

Do not skip this step!!! Melted butter and cinnamon sugar...YUM!!!
a cute little muffin bottom of love!
 my muffin helper...he's strapped Mommy can open the oven door!

 Since Adrian's school starts again tomorrow, I froze most of these...great addition to his lunch and it will thaw by eating time! 
Seriously, make these for your sweetheart...for Valentine's Breakfast!

1 comment:

SnoopyGirl said...

Those look delish! Going back to find your recipe!

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