Monday, June 23, 2008

Too hot to trot

Ludee, Treasure (Ludee's beloved westie), Adrian and I went for a walk last night, even though it was probably well above 95 7:30 pm!!!

This was Treasure's solution to the hot pavement. Ludee stuck her in the back of Adrian's stroller and she really didn't want to get out!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just in time for Father's Day

Adrian loves to be with his dad the computer, on the way to Budapest...
Adrian has started saying Da Da...of course when it comes out of his cute little mouth he spreads his lips with a slight smile, gets his whole body ready and says deya deya deya deya...I'll have to get a video of his Da Da vocals. It is truly a sight to see!!!

Every once in a while I hear what sounds like ma ma, but it is more in the midst of a "help me out of this situation" cry that sounds more like em maaaaaaam, so I'm not counting that yet.

He was happy to see the return of his Texas grandparents. My parents were with my Uncle Bill in Canada, Washington State and Montana for the last 2 weeks.

He showed off for them too. He now slaps his hands together up and down as if to say I am tired of whatever you have set down in front of me. He crosses his legs at his ankles when he sits at his highchair or in his carseat or on Mommy's lap. He gives very sloppy kisses while holding your cheeks so you won't get away! He continues to amaze us with his quick wit, his keen awareness of what is going on around him (If I am nursing him in his room and Daddy walks by in the hallway, he will quickly unlatch and look to see if Daddy is coming in to play!), and his pure joy for life, things that squeak, and laughing with anyone, or thing (including a toy) that will laugh with him.
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