Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cute pictures

Want some of my cracker? I love to share!

my fake cry while anybody listening???

my new trick while eating

my sweet smile

my new trick

Friday, August 22, 2008

our new house

It's definitely a work in progress. I can't find my USB cord, but Cristian told me how to use the memory card on the laptop, so hopefully I can find the pictures...wherever they are saved! ok I Cristian found the USB cord, so I took more pictures.
Our house was built in 1918. It's a craftman's bungalow in Beacon Hill. Two teachers that I used to work with live here...just streets away. I already joined the veggie co-op...a small fee and a great way to meet my neighbors. Every two weeks one of the members goes to the whole sale farmer's market and gets the vegetables for everyone else. We sort through the veggies to give all the members their amount and then one member hosts the co-op on his or her porch to distribute the baskets. I can't wait!
I also went to the Beacon Hill community garden meeting on Tuesday night. We are going to build a garden filled with vegetables, native plants, a butterfly garden, herbs and a covered pavillion.
Our're always welcome to come in!!!

kitchen -- new paint...different area

office/guest room -- new paint

office/guest room -- old paint...your basic off white

kitchen -- new paint

kitchen -- old paint...I couldn't tell if it was white or green...I found the paint can...very light limey green...

Adrian's room -- new paint, I changed the curtains too, I'll take a pic tomorrow. He's sleeping:)

Adrian's room -- old paint...could it be any brighter or clash with Adrian's bedding any more?

The living room -- new paint

The living room -- old paint...your basic off white
I don't have pictures of the two bathrooms or our bedroom...
give me a little grace:) my hands hurt from unpacking!

Happy 1st Birthday Adrian!!!!

We had a fabulous day! Adrian turned 1 on August 14th. This is late because we have been moving into our 'new' house and the internet was not hooked up. I'll post the pictures in a little while...they're on a disc...somewhere!!! I found the pictures
Adrian was such a good little boy during his party. We were so busy this week. We have showings, back and forth to Ludee and Papau's house, we were packing, signing papers and much more. We raided the grandparent's house since ours was all packed up. We invited a few of Adrian's friends to join us for cake and refreshments. I can't believe a year has gone by. Adrian now eats deli meats and cheeses, vegetable soup, crackers, toast, his usual fruits and vegetables, and he has now tried cake! He talks up a storm, likes to roll his drums back and forth to you, loves to laugh at silly faces, play peek a boo, and will show off his teeth. He doesn't like to be messy...look at the eating my cake picture, and wants to have his Mommy and Daddy close by. He is such a sweet natured little boy, gives the best hugs, and with the twinkle in his eye and his huge grin, he lets us know just how much he loves us and just how blessed we are to have him to love.
Happy Birthday, little one!
getting ready for my guests

opening a present...Mommy reads me my card

my friends

my cake...Mommy and Ludee made me the ocean

eating my cake...YUM-O!

playing with Uncle Murphy

my birthday nap....partying makes me sleepy

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