Saturday, June 6, 2009

flowers too...and my little helper

My little of Adrian's favorite things to do is play outside...or as he says..."SIDE"
He wakes up before 7am and first he says 'ungary'...and 'num num' because he's hungry and wants his milk! and then as soon as he's finished...SIDE!!!!

Native plants seems to thrive in this hot hot summer...everything is filling in nicely...such bright pops of color adorn the green leaves...I love sitting out on the patio (where the shade is), glass of tea or juice in hand and just gaze...while Adrian plays with his bucket of plastic toys and side walk chalk I get to admire how pretty everything is right now. The vines on the fence grow wild all over this neighborhood. I thought it was Queen Anne's Lace, but someone else said it might be Sweet Pea???

Before my dad and my uncles sold their ranch in Pipe Creek, we would go out there and collect rocks and drift wood...I took these from our old house since I knew I wouldn't be able to get anymore.

my vegetable garden...

Cristian found some 'big' cucumbers in the garden...these are pickling, so you usually pick them small so they won't go bitter on you...Some were hiding, but I cut them up and made a salad today and they were just fabulous! I really enjoy going 'shopping' in my backyard!

My eggplant is finally showing some purple progress. I can't wait to make Salate de Vinete!!!

On the vine below...just picked above...and boy were they DELICIOUS!!!

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