Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sweet Happy 4th of July pictures

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My first tooth

Before I forget, I need to write that Adrian got his first tooth a couple weeks back...I felt a little point on June 13th, but really saw the tooth popping out on the 16th...so 10 months with no teeth. It was a nice long wait, especially for the nursing mom:) I'll try to get a picture, if he'll smile big enough for me!

He is now getting his second tooth, right next to the first one!!! I still can't get him to smile big enough when the camera is ready, but hopefully soon I will catch it!

He's still napping, so I must continue on getting this house ready to sell!

Our friends in Romania


Cosmin and his cane (He had knew surgery a few weeks before...too much skiing!!!)

Dani, Diana, Loredana and Mircea at Sunday lunch in Giulvaz

Loredana, Mircea, Cristian and Adrian on our way to Budapest, Hungary

Enjoying our Sunday afternoon barbeque at Luci Dama's house

making mici (meech) Romanian Barbeque

More of Romania..my baba (greatgrandmother)

I have been rather busy getting our house ready to sell, so I have neglected my blogging community. These are some of my favorite pictures from Romania. I just adore Cristian's 93 year old grandmother. She is sweet, straightforward, honest and loves my little boy with every part of her being. What more could a granddaughter-in-law ask for? enjoy!!!

A sweet look

A loving kiss

And best of all...a toothless grin

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