Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our first Bynto

Cute Bynto outside decorated with Goodbyn stickers by Andrew, age 2 1/2
Every good monster needs four eyes, two mouths, and a banana on his cheek!
The goods inside...
I LOVE the size of's perfect for my boys.
top layer- half an apple, marshmallows (in the green birdie), Colby Jack apples, Salami swirls
middle layer - two PB & Fig jam dinosaurs with pepperoni eyes, soccer ball chocolate, carrots sticks and a PB & Fig jam apple. 
bottom layer - Ritz snack mix
The bag...
It's insulated, has a pouch pocket inside for an ice block which was still frozen when I picked him up 5 hours later! The outside pocket fits his Thermos Water bottle.
He was very proud of his new monster lunch bag!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beary Cute Bento!

 It's only Wednesday, but this week has been all sorts of crazy, I don't even remember when the boys ate this!! 
I made two bento snacks in our Fuel Boxes. 
I ended up putting the Ice Cream shaped marshmallows in the little bear sauce cups before packing them away.
They both had cubes of Colby Jack (tried stacking them neatly like I've seen on BentOnBetterLunches...kind of wonky!), Ham and Salami roll ups, goldfish and red grapes!

The blue and orange cups are from World Market 2 years ago. They still carry them in their baking section. The green squares are part of my Wilton Train cupcake set. The picks and sauce cup are from Japan.

I just received my order of Byntos and their lunch bag. So excited. I love the size. I'll make Andrew's lunch in it tomorrow...posts to follow!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Nap

Wow, I have several friends whose children just stop napping. Between the age of 3 or 4, some even younger and I honestly don't remember anyone complaining, but maybe that's because I have a 5 year old who still naps. I just haven't been a part of the conversation. 

Well, I'd love some advice. My 2 1/2 year old started Kids Day Out today from 9-2 where a nap is included. I told my 5 year old he didn't have to nap today. I was more afraid he'd fall asleep late and then it would be a bear to wake him to pick up little brother at 2. 

So we did our errands, played, ate lunch, played some more, bought some bananas and picked up brother. It was a GREAT day, until we drove home from picking up brother.
 I could see he was tired on the way, but he eagerly got out of the car at pick up time. On our way home, he fell asleep. When I drove into the garage, parked and unbuckled everyone, he sleepily said, what are we going to do next?

I told him he could lay on Mommy's bed or on the couch for a rest and watch Caillou or Arthur. Okay, he said.

 Little brother had been away all day and napped, so he was ready to play. Ergh, that was not at all what big brother wanted to do...which made the rest of our day grumpy, argumentative and sassafras to say the least. I was tired. He was tired and little brother wanted to play.
It's a hard age to understand reasoning...that your big brother is tired and he doesn't want to wrestle. He just wants to sit and look at a book without you jumping on him. 

I think we all argued and griped and complained while trying to solve world issues like who just took whose train...for the next 3 hours. My boys are boys and they get feisty sometimes, but this was unbelievably unlike him. I knew he was tired, but I couldn't make him get that.

As the afternoon lingered, little brother got cranky too, so I turned on Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and made dinner...quesadillas, yogurt and apples because I knew everyone would eat it with no complaints. We took a bath, had graham crackers and milk and sleep happened before 7:15.
 His normal bedtime is around 8:30 with a nap, so here's hoping tomorrow is a much better day, and I can be a much better mommy and not feel like such a complete failure.
 He starts a kindergarten program next week that was supposed to be 5 half days, but changed to full day Tuesday and Thursday and half day Wednesday. I'm praying he'll adjust and we'll just all go to bed early on Tuesday and Thursday nights!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Toast Cups Muffin Tin and more

I made toast cups for the boys with scrambled eggs and cheese.
They also ate red grapes, bananas, craisins and ham.

I am giddy. I ordered the boys Goodbyn Byntos and they arrive in a couple days. I also ordered lunch bags. Can't wait!! Back to school is just as fun for this mommy who is trying to pack a healthy reusable lunch. 
We ate this the other day for lunch...
Dinosaurs PB & homemade fig jam, Buffalo Chicken Trees with Colby Jack Leaves, 
Carrots, Goldfish Fossils (hee hee), Red Grape Trees, and Fruit leather hearts.

Here's a preview of something I hope to take on this semester...
Making Bento cloth napkins for kids.  
I am blessed to live half a mile from my uber talented mom.  She quilts (!) and she helped me hem these napkins. Once my boys are in their school programs and I have Thursdays free, I am going to learn to's been years!!!
 Whales and Dinosaurs!!!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

something for everyone...

 Egg salad in a Toast Cup

So my husband loves deviled eggs, but egg salad, not so much! Who knew?
I watched an episode of Jamie Deen's new show on Food Network the other day and he made Chicken Salad in Toast Cups. I had already boiled eggs, so I made egg salad first. The chicken is cooling in the refrigerator now, and I will definitely try his recipe!
Toast cups are simple...butter your bread and squish it in a muffin tin, bake at 350 until golden. Add your filling and enjoy. I made scrambled eggs and cheese for my boys. You'll see that post next Monday!

Egg salad
3 boiled eggs
1/4 c Duke's Mayonnaise
1 Tmustard with horseradish or whole grain mustard
celery, sliced and cut thin
green onion, sliced
salt & pepper
celery seed
Mix and chill til ready to serve.

 My husband got sent to work with 'street tacos', 
homemade salsa in the little bird, apples, 
and spinach salad with the last tomato:(
  Park fun Bento
I saw a couple bentos like this, 
so I tried my own deli ham, salami, muenster and havarti roll ups. 
The bottom layer had red grapes. 
My big boy shared this with me!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet Circus Bento

This cute little bear set is perfect for my boys! The snack cup is perfect for trail mix or extra goldfish!
A special thank you to JeeJee at!
She was kind enough to send us a sample of products as we start bento lunches for the school year! 

 This set of circus picks also came in our package. I love the dancing bears!
I made peanut butter and jelly sushi, a circus tent made of pepperoni stacks, string cheese bites, and grape balls for the elephant to balance on!
Thanks again, JeeJee!

Bento Lunch

The bento box and circus picks were provided by The opinions are all my own.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chinese Take Out Muffin Tin Meal

 We drove to Ikea today (got some much needed cute storage for little trains, tracks, and even Mommy's bento supplies! And I bought a $15 race track well spent, I can hear them racing as I type.)
 I packed bentos with sandwiches, fruit and goldfish, but didn't take any pictures. The boys slept on the way there, so they didn't nap after.  Sunday naps are the best and I didn't get one, so I asked my husband to pick up Chinese since he needed to fill up his car with gas anyway.
The boys had a sweet heart cookie from Ikea, sweet and sour chicken, red grapes, fried rice and cheese. The sweet and sour sauce is in the last cup.
These red lady bug cups are from my local HEB and I haven't seen them anywhere else. These picks are so cute and animated, my two year old 'plays pretend' when the elephant is done eating:)
 Silly monkey!
Elephant King

 I still love making pretty tables, but I might focus on birthdays and holidays for a while. My boys are too busy for me to keep up weekly...but they have to eat, so I'm going to keep taking pictures and making meals and trying out new recipes along the way! 
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Story Time snack

Each boy had a peanut butter sandwich topped with Colby jack cheese flowers, carrot sticks, apple slices and Scrabble cheese its.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a great day to be 5!!!

Originally, I put the plates on the table, but Adrian's guests will be solving puzzles and coloring place mats, so I set it up buffet style on the island.
I used the same runner with Team Umizoomi cut outs scattered, added Team Umizoomi straw cut outs and a few cute bowls for Goldfish. I found these for $1 each at my HEB.
 Bot the robot cupcakes! 
He has a belly screen made of graham cracker and icing!
 Super Shape Strawberry skewers (from Pier One a couple years ago), Bot's Spinach roll ups (spinach tortilla wraps with Ham, Salami and Muenster Cheese), Cheese cut outs. (I used fondant cutters and just switched them with each other.)
These were easy!
Lay out Spinach Tortilla and spread on cream cheese.
Layer ham, salami and muenster and Colby Jack Cheese. I had them cut on a 1 or thinner.
Roll them up and cut on the bias.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rainbow Fiesta Muffin Tin Meal

Last week, we had some bean and cheese chalupas.
I cut them in quarters, so they would fit in a muffin tin. 
The only yellow cups I have are diamond shaped from my train cake set, so I turned the muffin paper cup inside out (Muffin Tin Mom showed this on her blog years ago)... genius!
My boys ate chalupas, carrot sticks, marshmallows (that I took away until they ate their dinner), avocado, spicy slaw, and red grapes.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Tablescape!

 Team Umizoomi, especially the little green guy Bot, is all my almost 5 year old can talk about. It's probably a good thing that you can't find this everywhere like Elmo or Curious George. It could be ugly every time I go into Target with a certain little someone! My mom printed these from They are for making T-shirts, and yes we made those too. 
I did find a coloring book for each Umi friend and included some other 5 year old favorites like colors and stickers. 
 I found these cute plates at Target...clearance...59 cents each!
The runners are Romanian linens, but I thought the colors were perfect, and the napkins are just in my stash. 
 The cups are mason jars with a cupcake liner poked with a hole and a colorful straw.
The tray, bowls and drink tub were also on clearance from Target. I'm making these Bot cupcakes and will serve them on the tray.
 Team Umizoomi is all about Mighty Math Power and Super Shapes and figuring out puzzles.
I'll photograph the food next week!
By the way, I'm on Facebook now, I'd love a like from you:)

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