Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beary Cute Bento!

 It's only Wednesday, but this week has been all sorts of crazy, I don't even remember when the boys ate this!! 
I made two bento snacks in our Fuel Boxes. 
I ended up putting the Ice Cream shaped marshmallows in the little bear sauce cups before packing them away.
They both had cubes of Colby Jack (tried stacking them neatly like I've seen on BentOnBetterLunches...kind of wonky!), Ham and Salami roll ups, goldfish and red grapes!

The blue and orange cups are from World Market 2 years ago. They still carry them in their baking section. The green squares are part of my Wilton Train cupcake set. The picks and sauce cup are from Japan.

I just received my order of Byntos and their lunch bag. So excited. I love the size. I'll make Andrew's lunch in it tomorrow...posts to follow!

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