Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Bento Supplies

Bento boxes...
Sassy boxes (from Target or Babies R Us)
Fuel boxes (from Amazon or HEB)
Japanese Bento box (from eBay)
Animal Cups (from Dollar Tree)
Toys Story snack cup (Target Dollar Spot)

 My oldest will be 5 next week. I can't believe it! I started Bento lunches when he was 3, and have enjoyed the creative outlet and the hunt for cute things. You really can find something everywhere!!! 

 Silicone cups...
Most of my cups came from this set.
I bought it from Walmart when Adrian was 3 for his cupcake cake.
The flowers are from TJMaxx and World Market. 
The stars and minis are from World Market. They often have sales. These were all half off!
 Picks, forks and sauce cups...
These range from Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Target, Cake Supply stores, Party City, eBay, Japanese Grocery, and friends...
The box is for sewing, but I love the way I can organize these. It keeps me sane! 
 Cutters and extras...
I already had a good amount of cookie cutters for making sandwiches, and even some of these Christmas and Fall sets are years old. Some of these are fondant sets, some are clay cutters, but they all work the same. The umbrellas are actually leftover from Adrian's first birthday cake! It was the beach:) These mini forks were from the Target Dollar Stop. The paper valentine picks were with cupcake wrappers from Hobby Lobby. I just didn't use them all, so I keep them on hand. 

I bought things in phases. I started with my Wilton cupcake set, a couple boxes and a handful of picks and forks. I'd check dollar stores and after season clearance aisles for cookie cutters and more. Take your time to build you supply collection and enjoy the hunt! I'll post about seasonal supplies when we hit September!
 This was a simple snack in our Fuel Box with Wilton square cups filled with Cheese Its, grapes and marshmallows.  He had ham roll ups and a sharky cheese cut out. The starfish is from the Cake Supply store and the hibiscus was from a friend. We had swimming lessons.

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Brittany said...

So adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see where you buy stuff and how your organize it. Thanks!

Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

Cute bento and neat organization! We love our fuel and sassy lunch boxes!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I was able to find one of those Transportation Puzzle cakes through Amazon Prime on sale :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Wow! What a wonderful collection!

Cristi ~ Candy Girl said...

You have some really cute stuff! I totally covet your Christmassy red & green round top picks :)

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