Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The King William Fair

Cristian, Adrian and I went down to the King William Fair, a historic area in downtown San Antonio. This was my 3rd year to go, but it was the first year for both of them. It is a lot of fun, but very, very crowded!

We started following people, thinking we would see the parade, and we did but we also ended up on East Guenther Street. Here is a picture of Adrian and me in front of the house my dad grew up in. He and my uncles used to tell all of the kids that it was haunted and that there were ghosts on the 3rd floor!

The parade...

We planned on meeting my friend and her husband, Beth and Isaac Tellez and their little girl Elia who is 6 weeks older than Adrian. Beth and I were already talking about an arranged marriage. Are these babies cute or what? Elia looked very interested in Adrian, but he had other things on his mind, I think! It was great fun seeing our babies in person. We have kept up through our blogs, so like Beth said, I felt like I already knew her. Of course, when we planned on meeting, Elia and Adrian were both sound asleep, but that quickly changed.

I took this picture from Beth's blog:) What a great day!

We're famous. We were enjoying our Funnel Cake when two people stopped us and asked to take our picture. They were with and we are on the website!
We are Fiesta Pix 0522

Their exact words, that is a cute baby!
I think it was his relaxed, I can put my feet in the air like I really don't care attitude!
This is that same look he had a few blogs back when I got a lot of stares in the mall! If only to be 8 months old again when sitting like this is not considered scandalous!

I'm 8 months old!!!

I can't believe my little boy is 8 months old. He loves the camera, and I know I'm his mommy, but I think the camera loves him too! He is such a sweet little boy.

At 8 months, his favorite things are playing with Daddy, especially when Daddy tosses him in the air, eating sweet potatoes and bananas, playing with his donuts, (at least that's what I call them. Our friends, the Vollmers, gave us a bunch of toys from their now 2 1/2 year old, Julia. The donuts are those rings that fit on the yellow can see them in the picture...), talking, talking and talking some more, sitting up like a big boy and giving his Daddy, Mommy, Ludee or Grandpa a big squeeze around the neck. Ludee went into her archive and found pictures of me squeezing my grandparent's necks too!

Am I cute or what????

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More fun with my hat!!!

I just couldn't resist. We were getting ready for church this morning, so this is what we did to keep Adrian occupied while we got dressed...

Too cute to not show off!

Look at my new hat!!!

I had to wash all of Adrian's 12 month size clothing to get them ready for his use. He just seems to be getting longer and longer and I find that most of his 9 month clothes are just too short. With all that said, one of my cousins gave him an outfit with a hat. I had to wash the outfit, but decided, let's just see what Adrian does when I put a hat on his head.

Adrian and Daddy were laughing and playing while they waited for Mommy to put the clothes int he washing machine, so then Adrian could get a bath before bedtime. Who knew a little hat could be soooo much fun!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The wisdom teeth are out and everyone is happy:)

Last night we gave Adrian his always makes him so happy. He discovered that in this tub he can sit up and splash and kick the water as much as he wants...look at him go!!!
I'm surprised he didn't get the camera wet when Daddy was taking the pictures!

He was so sweet with his Mommy and Daddy when Mommy had her wisdom teeth pulled today. He has been boycotting the bottle for a few weeks and, of course, that got Mommy really worried. Because of some of the drugs used, Mommy had to wait 6-8 hours to feed her little boy. Daddy stayed home with Adrian this morning and they played, they went for a ride in the car, Adrian ate some applesauce and he even drank from his bottle!!!
When Mommy got home, Daddy went back to work and Ludee stayed to help out. They played together, went for a ride in the car where Adrian took a little nap, he ate some applesauce and drank from the bottle again!!!

When Mommy felt awake enough to sit with Adrian, he gladly drank the whole second bottle, nuzzled up closely in Mommy's arms and fell fast asleep. Sweet dreams baby boy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a life...

I was shopping last week in the mall with Adrian. He was in his leg propped up...the other dangling asleep, moments after both legs were up in the air while he pulled on his socks...with his mouth trying to figure out why the toes he has grown to love to suck on were now red and fuzzy!
One of the sales women commented on how comfortable he looked and I replied,
you and I could never get away with strolling threw the mall with our legs propped up in the air...oh to be a seven and half month old boy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Me and my daddy

Unfortunately Daddy has to work most of the time, so Adrian's time with Daddy is very precious. Cristian usually gets home around 5:30 just in time to feed Adrian his apple sauce, or sweet potatoes, or peas and green beans. Then they can have some time for play or just hang out together. As you can see, they truly enjoy each other's company.
Most people look at Adrian and say he looks like his mommy. He might have my eyes, but I think the rest of him looks a lot like his Daddy. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sweet Little One

We just don't have any words to say how much joy this little boy brings to our life. He is the sweetest baby, loves to give us big squeezes around the neck, laugh at our silly faces and hang out all day (and sometimes night) long! What more could a mommy and daddy ask for???

Our Big Boy Bath tub!!!

Adrian just keeps getting longer and longer, so we finally had to move bath time from the kitchen sink to the tub!
With the advice of my best friend, whose baby girl is 6 weeks older than Adrian, we bought this great inflatable tub. It keeps him safe and comfortable in his bath.
No matter how fussy or tired Adrian can get...if we get this little boy undressed and in the water, he is happy, happy, happy!!!

The oldest and the youngest

Saturday afternoon, we went to my second cousin's house to celebrate my great Uncle Joe's 95th birthday. He is the oldest in our family and Adrian happens to be the youngest. Here are some sweet pictures of our time there.

Adrian loves to be outside, so he was very happy and very good for the few hours we were there. It was nice to see relatives I hadn't seen it years. Ludee was especially happy to show off her grandbaby. He was quite a trooper.

Cristian and Uncle Joe discussed Europe during the World Wars. What a wealth of history 95 years gives you!

Our Easter Baby

What a joyous time to celebrate with our little boy! He is growing like a weed. We celebrated Easter at my parents' house with a few extra friends.
Sunday morning, we had breakfast together and let Adrian open his card and Easter candy, of course...just some cute socks, a book and a bunny.
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