Monday, April 7, 2008

The wisdom teeth are out and everyone is happy:)

Last night we gave Adrian his always makes him so happy. He discovered that in this tub he can sit up and splash and kick the water as much as he wants...look at him go!!!
I'm surprised he didn't get the camera wet when Daddy was taking the pictures!

He was so sweet with his Mommy and Daddy when Mommy had her wisdom teeth pulled today. He has been boycotting the bottle for a few weeks and, of course, that got Mommy really worried. Because of some of the drugs used, Mommy had to wait 6-8 hours to feed her little boy. Daddy stayed home with Adrian this morning and they played, they went for a ride in the car, Adrian ate some applesauce and he even drank from his bottle!!!
When Mommy got home, Daddy went back to work and Ludee stayed to help out. They played together, went for a ride in the car where Adrian took a little nap, he ate some applesauce and drank from the bottle again!!!

When Mommy felt awake enough to sit with Adrian, he gladly drank the whole second bottle, nuzzled up closely in Mommy's arms and fell fast asleep. Sweet dreams baby boy!

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avalarue said...

Adrian got a gold star for being such a good boy today! Mommy got two stars for being a good patient!

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