Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The King William Fair

Cristian, Adrian and I went down to the King William Fair, a historic area in downtown San Antonio. This was my 3rd year to go, but it was the first year for both of them. It is a lot of fun, but very, very crowded!

We started following people, thinking we would see the parade, and we did but we also ended up on East Guenther Street. Here is a picture of Adrian and me in front of the house my dad grew up in. He and my uncles used to tell all of the kids that it was haunted and that there were ghosts on the 3rd floor!

The parade...

We planned on meeting my friend and her husband, Beth and Isaac Tellez and their little girl Elia who is 6 weeks older than Adrian. Beth and I were already talking about an arranged marriage. Are these babies cute or what? Elia looked very interested in Adrian, but he had other things on his mind, I think! It was great fun seeing our babies in person. We have kept up through our blogs, so like Beth said, I felt like I already knew her. Of course, when we planned on meeting, Elia and Adrian were both sound asleep, but that quickly changed.

I took this picture from Beth's blog:) What a great day!

We're famous. We were enjoying our Funnel Cake when two people stopped us and asked to take our picture. They were with and we are on the website!
We are Fiesta Pix 0522

Their exact words, that is a cute baby!
I think it was his relaxed, I can put my feet in the air like I really don't care attitude!
This is that same look he had a few blogs back when I got a lot of stares in the mall! If only to be 8 months old again when sitting like this is not considered scandalous!

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The Tellez Family said...

I love it! I still laugh when I look at Elia reaching for Adrian!! I want just one more squeeze from that precious baby boy! I want to eat him up! I think Elia may want to as well! We loved spending time with you. I miss you!!! ~Beth

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