Friday, September 26, 2008

the paint is done

the kitchen...I love cooking on a gas stove!

I've had the pictures in my camera for a couple weeks, but the batteries died, and well we just moved, so I couldn't remember where I put the batteries...I found them this morning, so here you go...more pictures of our house.

the dining room

the kitchen nook...this table set belongs on our porch, but the antique table I wanted was gone when I went back to the shop...still looking

Adrian's room, my dad painted the picture
when he was in high school in downtown San Antonio
and gave it to Adrian for his first birthday.

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Hall bathroom

Entry Mimi's dresser and mirror and chair, I think

the office, my dad's dad's desk (he and Murphy carved their initials in it)

13 month old way to open presents

I'm not sure if you can see, but he didn't pull the clothes out of the top...he made a whole through one of the sides of the bag and just started pulling...

This wasn't actually a gift for Adrian. It was a bag of clothes from a friend of mine that I wanted to look through to see what Adrian could still fit in. He seems to grow out of pajamas really quickly!

Again, who needs toys? A bag of clothes will make me happy any day!

Who needs toys????

I think we have settled in somewhat nicely to our home. It has its quirks. I have been looking for rugs to cover some of the floors with, I have yet to find curtains I like for our bedroom, I am getting used to where I put my trash cans, but all in all, it is a great house with a lot of room for memories.

Adrian's room is bigger than any room in the house it seems, so we went to IKEA to pick up a few things and found a big blue rug for his room...I figured it's not a fancy rug, so it's safe for a 13 months old to play on.

Well, I walked in on him the other day and there he was playing on...or with the rug...who needs toys, Mom, when you forget to cut the tag off the underside of the rug and I can't to hunt it down and find it like buried treasure.
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