Friday, September 26, 2008

the paint is done

the kitchen...I love cooking on a gas stove!

I've had the pictures in my camera for a couple weeks, but the batteries died, and well we just moved, so I couldn't remember where I put the batteries...I found them this morning, so here you go...more pictures of our house.

the dining room

the kitchen nook...this table set belongs on our porch, but the antique table I wanted was gone when I went back to the shop...still looking

Adrian's room, my dad painted the picture
when he was in high school in downtown San Antonio
and gave it to Adrian for his first birthday.

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Hall bathroom

Entry Mimi's dresser and mirror and chair, I think

the office, my dad's dad's desk (he and Murphy carved their initials in it)


avalarue said...

That desk goes back one more generation - it started out with Grandpa Wilson in Bandera. His initials were the first ones carved in it!

avalarue said...

You're right - I didn't catch the "dad's dad's", sorry!

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