Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Irish Chain and Ivy

It's almost March and I don't have any green dishes, but I thought about this quilt and these Italian Oven King ivy border salad plates my mom gave me that she bought probably 30 years ago or so and I love the outcome!
It's so spring-like in South Texas. My mesquite tree is blooming, so I started planting seeds for my vegetable garden yesterday! The hot sun and lack of summer rains makes our harvest short, so I thought I'd try early this year and see how it goes. I cut the centerpiece flowers from our gardens. The ivy was established when we moved in and I planted everything else last summer.I love how the flowers coordinate beautifully with the plates. 
My mom made this quilt almost 5 years ago. If you look closely, the end border of the napkins, she made to match a quilted runner for my birthday a few years ago, is the same material as part of the 'chain' in this quilt. I used these plates in the fall and the red berries popped out. When used with this quilt, the blues and greens show beautifully. I love the versatility. 
 I used Mikasa Italian Countryside dinner plates, my grandmother's silver, my mom's wedding crystal and my wine goblets I've had since I got married, not crystal, but I still love them.
My mom gave me the teapot a few years ago too. It's from Marshall's.
 ***oops! After talking to my mom this afternoon,
this quilt pattern is called "Around the World", not "Irish Chain"!!
Apparently she made the Irish Chain for her brother and my cousin:)

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seven Layer Hummus Dip

 Seriously, what's not to love??? 
chopped cucumbers
chopped tomatoes
salt & pepper
Kalamata & Spanish olives

I found her blog through a friend of mine. She has some amazing recipes like black bean burgers and spicy slaw!
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This is the appetizer I'm taking to our community group this afternoon. I hope they enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jane Becker Wallace--my memories in a tea set

 I've had this silver tea/coffee set since before I got married. My mom gave it to me and it belonged to her mother. I had it on display in our old house and then wrapped it up, hid it away in my trunk and moved. I had been meaning to get it out and polish it. 
This small cream and sugar set was also wrapped up in my trunk. It has her initials on it, one of the reasons I love it so much. 
My grandmother was a truly Southern woman. She was beautiful, educated, sophisticated and well traveled. She and my grandfather went everywhere. She worked in a planetarium at the local museum for years. She taught me all about history, the planets, the solar system, the constellations. She was an amazing wealth of knowledge. She sent me on a trip to Europe for my 16th birthday.

 This tea and coffee set was made in Mexico. My mom believes she bought it on one of their trips there. I love the lines of this set. I have a huge platter in the same pattern, but I didn't get to polishing it this week!
I used my mom's wedding crystal, my grandmother's silverware, Blue Willow plates and Blue Danube luncheon plates, Indies Blue bread plates, my grandmother's silver butter knives, Blue Danube cups and saucers, Russian napkin rings, and a recent clearance purchase...linen colored floral napkins from Target to coordinate with the Romanian linen place mats used as a runner.
 Oddly enough, no one in my family had blue and white china. My mom has Franciscan Apple, Spode Wickerdale, JB Regency White, Limoges, and Mason Ironstone all from her mother and grandmother that she has added pieces to. One of my cousins has another Spode pattern (orange and brown floral) from my grandmother. I adore blue and white. I love the crispness in the design, the elegant playfulness in it, the way it interacts beautifully with other patterns. I think my grandmother would have approved of and loved this. I really do. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Quilt Scraps Wreath

 I've seen these all over pinterest, but actually was inspired by a friend of mine on Facebook. She posted a picture a week ago or so and I thought I'd try it. If you do a pinterest search for'rag wreath', you'll find it! I will probably make another one or two, all shades of white and one for Christmas! 
I used a straw wreath and not nearly as much fabric, so really it's up to you and how full you want yours! I might look for a Happy Easter sign to put in the middle, or some eggs to hang down...the possibilities are endless!

My project started because I can't find my Fiesta Wreath. Fiesta is a weeklong party in San Antonio and most people put a wreath on their doors...bright colors, ribbon, this one here
The wreaths go up before Easter and stay on through May and sometimes into June! I'll keep looking, and might add some Fiesta to my rag wreath!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Roasted Chickpeas

 I had no idea something could taste this good!!!
I got this recipe from a couple friends of mine...they both are nutrition minded cooks, both fitness instructors at my gym, so I thought I'd try it. One of my friends is vegan. She is trying to eliminate symptoms of a disease. My other friend is just a health nut and has changed her mindset since I knew her in high school. Looks amazing and is making choices to be healthy.
Here are their blogs

They both found the recipe on a couple blogs...
I made these for the Super Bowl and they were a hit. I used chili powder, lime and salt and a little parsley. oh so good!! Add extra, so good!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tablescape Thursday--Linen and White

 I found these napkins on clearance at Target, but only a set of 4. I'm hoping the other Targets will put them on sale soon. Weird how one store they are regular price and the other they are half off. I used a couple blue print napkins on the end of the table. Also from Target, but years ago. I only found two, so these usually end up in the bread basket!

 I decided on linen and white with just a touch of color.
Italian Countryside Dinnerware by Mikasa
Rattan chargers by Walmart
Gibralter Tea and Wine Goblets by Libby (HEB and Pottery Barn)
Blue Indies Bread plates by Johnson Brothers
Saxony Bread plates by Johnson Brothers
Stainless Silverware & my grandmother's silver tea spoons

Monday, February 13, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday--Valentine Cookie Decor

Last week was busy, we had preschoolers over Friday morning for cookie decorating and our Community group over Sunday night for a Potluck. 
For the cookie decorating, each mom brought baked cookies and icing. I provided sprinkles and spatulas for decorating. Each child got their individual bowl of icing and sprinkles because, let's face it, preschoolers lick the spatulas and put them back in the bowl! It was easy set up and clean up. 
Here is how I set up the sprinkles using muffin cups! Each child got one with hearts and one with sprinkles. It was a huge hit and I look forward to doing it again!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Potluck Buffet

Our church community group is coming over Sunday for a Valentine's Potluck. I decided to play around now to see what I'll need to buy before the weekend. 

I didn't set each place setting since I'm expecting 10+ adults and about that many children. I  put a simple red patterned runner (World Market) down the middle with my grandmother's silver tray, a milk glass tray I found recently at an estate sale and a red glass hurricane. (World Market)  I added my love bird s&p (Pier One) and a couple serving bowls in the same pattern as the plates I'll use...Johnson Brothers Indies Blue.
Since I don't have a set of red dishes to accommodate this many, I thought the sweet pattern of birds of flowers would be lovely for Valentine's!

I put my forks in two mason jars and my napkins, the white ones from an estate sale, the blue ones made by my mom, in a pretty blue rimmed bowl. I put a stack of JB Indies Blue plates for the adults and a stack of Valentine melamine plates for the children on my trunk. The trunk, and old piece my uncle gave me when I went to college to hold my clothes, is topped with a French looking red tablecloth from HG a while back and a lace one of my husband's aunts made. 
I'll set up drinks on the other buffet, but didn't do that yet.
My pie wrack is ready to hold some desserts for company!

Lastly, I set up a coffee section, next to our pot. I'm debating leaving it like this or putting the coffee in the JB tea pot and setting it on the buffet with the other drinks. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Valentine's Day!
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