Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Irish Chain and Ivy

It's almost March and I don't have any green dishes, but I thought about this quilt and these Italian Oven King ivy border salad plates my mom gave me that she bought probably 30 years ago or so and I love the outcome!
It's so spring-like in South Texas. My mesquite tree is blooming, so I started planting seeds for my vegetable garden yesterday! The hot sun and lack of summer rains makes our harvest short, so I thought I'd try early this year and see how it goes. I cut the centerpiece flowers from our gardens. The ivy was established when we moved in and I planted everything else last summer.I love how the flowers coordinate beautifully with the plates. 
My mom made this quilt almost 5 years ago. If you look closely, the end border of the napkins, she made to match a quilted runner for my birthday a few years ago, is the same material as part of the 'chain' in this quilt. I used these plates in the fall and the red berries popped out. When used with this quilt, the blues and greens show beautifully. I love the versatility. 
 I used Mikasa Italian Countryside dinner plates, my grandmother's silver, my mom's wedding crystal and my wine goblets I've had since I got married, not crystal, but I still love them.
My mom gave me the teapot a few years ago too. It's from Marshall's.
 ***oops! After talking to my mom this afternoon,
this quilt pattern is called "Around the World", not "Irish Chain"!!
Apparently she made the Irish Chain for her brother and my cousin:)

 I'm joining 


Tanya@takesix said...

I love your table, Meredith. The quilt is gorgeous and makes your table so very cozy. I love that you used treasured heirlooms too. Beautiful teapot!

Anonymous said...

Olá! Linda a sua decoração de mesa, amei os passarinhos, são taõ lindinhos. Abraço!

Marigene said...

Beautiful quilt, favorite color combo, blue and green. Lovely table, too!

Robin said...

The quilt looks so nice and spring like. I love the soft colors and everything looks so well on top ot it!

Robin Flies South

Donna (My Mothers {favorite} Daughter) said...

Hi fellow Texan! I love this table and that you used all those family treasures, that makes it extra special for sure. Hope the garden does well for you - and truly hope we do not have the draught we had last year.

Marlis said...

You know they say when the mesquite blooms you are out of the woods.. well everything is springing forth, but i know we are in for another freeze. I had to go back and look again, i was so engrossed with the quilt.. Omg that is a fabulous around the world quilt. Love the plates as they really set off the quilt.. fabulous!!! xo marlis

Kathleen said...

That quilt is so pretty! The napkins are too, a labor of love. Very pretty table!
Not anything close to Spring here, cold and rainy. Won't see a bloom of any kind for another month or so!
Have a great weekend! Enjoy those little boys!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Well it's darn pretty whatever your call it! Love the pretty blues and green and your table looks quite lovely.

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