Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tablescape Thursday--Linen and White

 I found these napkins on clearance at Target, but only a set of 4. I'm hoping the other Targets will put them on sale soon. Weird how one store they are regular price and the other they are half off. I used a couple blue print napkins on the end of the table. Also from Target, but years ago. I only found two, so these usually end up in the bread basket!

 I decided on linen and white with just a touch of color.
Italian Countryside Dinnerware by Mikasa
Rattan chargers by Walmart
Gibralter Tea and Wine Goblets by Libby (HEB and Pottery Barn)
Blue Indies Bread plates by Johnson Brothers
Saxony Bread plates by Johnson Brothers
Stainless Silverware & my grandmother's silver tea spoons


Marigene said...

Simply lovely table...hope you find more of the napkins, Meredith.
Have a great weekend...

Kathleen said...

It is strange how one store in the same chain is different from the others. I find that with Pier One too.
Lovely table, and I hope you find the next 4 napkins. I am going back to look in case I spot them. I don't go to Target that often, but you never know! :)

Meredith said...

They're still full price at two Targets, but I found some beige floral and turquoise florals ones (8) that were marked down even more! I hope you find some too.

Alycia Nichols said...

Hey, Meredith! Have you ever tried taking your receipt from the other Target into the one that still hasn't marked them down? I have done that at several stores, and had pretty good success. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a try. I know that at all the Pier 1 stores, the prices are the same universally even though the price on the item on the shelf may not reflect it. If you see something there that was marked down at another Pier 1, take it to the counter to be sure of the price. Most likely it is whatever you have seen as the lowest price and one store just hasn't gotten around to changing the tags. In the register, though, it reads at the lowest price. Meanwhile, beautiful table! Very peaceful and pretty all at the same time! The addition of the Pellegrino bottles really adds something. Oh...just glanced to the side and saw what Kathleen saw re: Pier 1. I'd better let her know the deal on that, too! Hope you're having a good weekend!!!

Meredith said...

I've only tried that when I bought it at one and then it was cheaper at another, so they gave me a refund. It's worth a try to see! Thanks!!

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