Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Quilt Scraps Wreath

 I've seen these all over pinterest, but actually was inspired by a friend of mine on Facebook. She posted a picture a week ago or so and I thought I'd try it. If you do a pinterest search for'rag wreath', you'll find it! I will probably make another one or two, all shades of white and one for Christmas! 
I used a straw wreath and not nearly as much fabric, so really it's up to you and how full you want yours! I might look for a Happy Easter sign to put in the middle, or some eggs to hang down...the possibilities are endless!

My project started because I can't find my Fiesta Wreath. Fiesta is a weeklong party in San Antonio and most people put a wreath on their doors...bright colors, ribbon, this one here
The wreaths go up before Easter and stay on through May and sometimes into June! I'll keep looking, and might add some Fiesta to my rag wreath!

I'm joining 

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Aledia said...

I just LOVE Pinterest :) I think your wreath looks wonderful!


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