Friday, October 26, 2007

I love my's sooooooo soft!!!!

Ludee's quilt

Ludee (Adrian's grandma) has made him three quilts. One is for his pack n've seen it in his swaddling pictures. One is for his big boy bed...look at Adrian at 2 weeks and one is for playing. His playing quilt is made of all flannel and it is definitely a snuggly quilt...It has actually gotten cold in San Antonio and this quilt is the best for snuggling up to play, to eat, to get warm after a bath...As you can see Adrian loves his quilt as much as his Mommy does!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Best seat in the House

This is one of Adrian's favorite spots in the house... hanging on Mommy's shoulder...

or right in Mommy's lap...

either way Adrian has easy access too food, fun, and
whatever else Adrian can think of!

2 how time flies!!!

At Adrian's 2 month doctor's appointment, he weighed in at 11 pounds, 5 ounces and he is now 23 inches long!!! He is right at the 50th percentile with all his measurements, but we all know he is anything, BUT average!!!

He had to get his first batch of shots. Mommy and Adrian both cried when the nurse pricked his leg, so we cuddled in bed all day long, except when Adrian was eating...then we sat in the big comfy chair. Later that afternoon, we both felt a little better and Adrian played under the mobile in his crib. Look at those big boy band-aids!!! What a cutie!!!

Swaddling 101

For all those moms out there who believe in swaddling...
I love it and MOST of the time so does Adrian,
but we all have our moments of stubbornness...
no matter how good something is for us,
we don't always want it...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Me and my little boy

Cristian and I decided that I would not go back to full time teaching after Adrian was born. I taught for 2 years in San Antonio, then 3 years in Romania, where I met my husband, and then after we got married and moved back to San Antonio, I taught for 4 more years. It was time for a change. My full time job now consists of everything Adrian. I spend just about every waking and sleeping hour with him and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing!! He is growing so much. These pictures are from the day he was born, in and out of the womb and from every week since then. I can't believe how little he was and how big he is now. What a wonder. The day he was born, minutes after, I told my OB...I just don't understand how people can think this is NOT a miracle. What an amazing even childbirth is. It's just the beginning of a new gift you get to unwrap every single day. Every day there is something new, something exciting, something changing...and every day there is nothing that should be taken for granted. What a privilege I have to spend every moment with blessed am I!!!

There are few things I love better in life right now that hanging out with my little boy. We play, we laugh, we eat, we sleep, we dance, we sing, we read...what else can there be? Adrian is a joy! A precious gift that only God could give me. Laughing or crying, eating or sleeping, playing or sitting quietly, he is my little boy and I cherish every moment I get to spend with him.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Our family at seven and a half weeks...

We are so blessed with our new addition to our family. We've taken hundreds of photos of Adrian, but are now just about ready to show off the whole family. We went out to a restaurant today. Mommy's first time out to eat in seven and a half weeks!!! Adrian did really well. He was a little sleepy, so we got the bottle out and he ate while Mommy and Daddy ate. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. I guess it was a good meal!

We tried to take some pictures today, but Adrian was getting sleepy and you know what that means...a little fussy, a little swaddling, a little rocking, a little shushing and we're off to dream...dream...dream...We'll take more pictures when we are all awake and on our best behavior.

Daddy time...

Most mornings Adrian wakes up between 4 and 5 am. Mommy takes him to the living room or Daddy's office and feeds him for about an hour. Mommy tells his how sweet he is, how much she loves him and how she can't imagine life without him.

Then we get a clean diaper and we're ready to play. We are borrowing toys from some friends whose babies are too big for baby toys now. Adrian loves his borrowed goods. He promises to take really good care of everything.

Since Daddy goes to work at 7:30, anywhere between 5 am and 7am is considered Daddy time. They mostly play on the floor, kick at the blowfish, try to grab the froggy, or play in the bouncer and stare at the lights, fan, and windows. Adrian loves hanging out with Daddy right before the sun comes up. He's almost always ready to go to sleep around 7 and lets Mommy sleep til 8:30 or so for her day with her baby boy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Our first time to go to church. You slept through the whole service. Mommy put you in her sling and kept you nice and snuggly buggly warm and you only made a couple peeps.

You’re a little screamer! Mommy has to wash my newborn clothes and put them all away. Adrian is now big enough to wear 0-3 month sized clothes! He has discovered his hands. His hands were tucked away in cuffs for the last 6 weeks. He likes his bouncer and his activity center that Mommy borrowed. He likes to kick the toys because Mommy claps for you!!

When you are eating, you’ve discovered you can grab onto Mommy’s shirt and hold on tight. You also discovered Daddy’s goatee.

A whole month old...can you believe it?'s been a whole month of life with the Moza family. We can't believe it's been this long and we love our baby filled, sleep deprived lives!!! This is Adrian's Ludee. Ludee is the name of one of his grandmas. I gave her that name years ago. Here name is LaRue, but someone once told me that you call your really best friends your Ludees and it stuck. Ludee is one of my best friends and she loves her grandbaby!

3 weeks old...Adrian's night life

Adrian has decided his 'happy hour' is anywhere from 1am --4am and he has to have Mommy with him! I am definitely lacking in sleep, but time with Adrian is the best reason to NOT be sleeping. We love our little boy and can't imagine life without him.

2 sweet

A lot of moms say babies are in a newborn stupor for the first 2 sweet, so calm, not too fussy...but just wait 3 weeks is coming! Adrian gained his weight back from birth, so Dr. Fitch was very happy. We don't go back until you are 2 months old! Ludee bought Adrian several newborn outfits because his clothes were too big:) This is also the of the quilts...that Ludee made for Adrian.

Our first week home

During the first week, Adrian got his first bath, his first visit to the pediatrician and a whole lot of eating and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping...

after seven weeks

I can't believe I've been a mom for 7 weeks now!!! It has gone by so fast, and yet I can still picture my doctor setting Adrian on my chest in the hospital room. How amazing life is!! We went in to the hospital at 6:30 am because I was having pregnancy induced hypertension. My doctor wanted both Mommy and baby safe and sound, so she decided to induce me. I was 37 weeks, but according to her, full term and everything looked fine for our little boy to be born a few weeks before his due date.
On August 14, 2007 at 2:14 pm, I gave birth to my little boy. Welcome to the world, Adrian Florin!

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