Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our first time to go to church. You slept through the whole service. Mommy put you in her sling and kept you nice and snuggly buggly warm and you only made a couple peeps.

You’re a little screamer! Mommy has to wash my newborn clothes and put them all away. Adrian is now big enough to wear 0-3 month sized clothes! He has discovered his hands. His hands were tucked away in cuffs for the last 6 weeks. He likes his bouncer and his activity center that Mommy borrowed. He likes to kick the toys because Mommy claps for you!!

When you are eating, you’ve discovered you can grab onto Mommy’s shirt and hold on tight. You also discovered Daddy’s goatee.

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Lifestyle Nutrition SA said...

What a precious 'church day'. I can imagine his 'snuggly buggly' worship time. I know he enjoyed every minute of it.
Hugs to you, Meredith.

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