Thursday, December 18, 2008


I still don't always know what I'm doing on this blog, so I will write here about our trip...It was indeed a lot of fun...a completely different setting of America to see where a lot began and enjoy good times with family that I often 'talk' to over facebook, but haven't had real conversations with in years.

Pennsylvania has some breathtaking views of tall, tall evergreens and pines, silos and farms built the old fashion way, horse drawn buggies and hills and farmlands that seem to go on and on forever. It was very beautiful.

The weather cooperated for the most part. Our drive from Philadelphia to Mohnton was rainy, but it brightened up a little the next day with snow flurries in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon along with the rest of our stay there. It didn't snow again til our last day in Philadelphia. Brrrr. It was really cold, but a lot of fun to see where our country got its start.

Our trip to Pennsylvania

Downtown Lancaster

Daniel Boon pretty...

Cousins at the Lancaster Central Market

Christmas Museum

Clotheslines in the Amish Country side

Amish Country side

Keep me warm, Daddy!

Olde City

Church gate...

Olde city...I guess I did see your hotel, Mom...didn't notice at the time!

brrrr...let it snow...let is snow...let it snow!

better late than never...thanksgiving...putting up the christmas trees etc...

Mommy won't let me play with her hoo...

I think I'm going to like these ornaments...more toys for me:)

Mommy trying to tell me to leave the ornaments on the tree...

looking at the snowmen...Mommy has quite a tempting!

the finished product...yummy!!!

decorating cookies...while waiting to eat dessert...too much yummy food...

the table is set...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our little thief!

Adrian's new found love is getting into mommy's diaper bag
(which I guess is technically his!)
He knows right where is and usually goes for my keys,
cell phone or his sippy cup.
Even when he is breaking and entering,
he is still our little cutie pie!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My new fav...graham crackers

Maybe it's because my Paupau's name is graham too...
I love my graham crackers. Mommy bought me cinnamon grahams. yum-o...
She is preparing me for s'mores....just like in Sandlot,
one of her favorite movies,...
"first you take the graham, then you take the mallow..."

I can't wait to try grahams with chocolate and mallows!!!

kind of messy!

Just look at my lashes, ladies!

Did you notice my two front teeth?

My squeenty smile, cute, huh?

Adrian's dance

My silly little boy has discovered a love for standing and the ability to bounce, wiggle and dance while standing...I think he wakes up at night right now because he wants to go in the living room and do a little jiggling. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trip to the ER and new chairs

Wow, what a weekend....if the weekend starts at 12:01 on Friday, then mine started in the ER with Cristian and Adrian. Adrian got a cold...again...on Wednesday. He saw his pediatrician because he had been running a fever off and on since the Sunday before. It started out as teething, but then his nose got stuffy and runny and's the story.

When I saw Dr. Fitch, I told him Adrian's symptoms of the average cold. He had just started coughing also, which is the usual order of clear out the stuff the cold brings in. Thursday, he just seemed a little cranky all around and by Friday he was still sick. The fever for the most part was gone, but the cough and cold was not. Friday night he went to sleep around 8:00 or so. I went to bed around 10:30 and got woken up by a barking seal in the room next door...that's exactly what told me to expect. I was looking up cold symptoms and kept reading to see what other baby illnesses were like...the croup...I kept reading because a family from my church had just told me the Sunday before that their whole family had the croup...

Coughing, deep barking like a seal, gasping for air, blue around the lips...all of these I saw in Adrian that night...he kept trying to catch his breath, but it was like he couldn't breathe in deep enough. So, I told Cristian I can't just try to put him back to sleep like this...I think we need to go to the ER. I called my was late and I woke her up, but I told her I want you to know we're taking Adrian to the ER because he's gasping for air. I got dressed and we packed in the car and headed off to the Methodist Children's ER...they are REALLY great there! If you ever have to take a child to the ER, at least you want it to be as pleasant as possible. The doctors and nurses are very sweet, reassuring and explain everything to you like you are an intelligent human being and a concerned parent. As a mommy of a soon to be 15 month old, I really appreciated their kind attitudes...especially at 1 o' clock in the morning, and on Halloween!

The triage pediatrician gave Adrian the same diagnosis...the croup. She reassured me that is SOUNDS so much worse than it is and it is easily taken care of with a dosage of steroids. She checked him out...everything was good, and then sent us back to the waiting area. Another nurse escorted us to the examination area and put us in a room. We waited for a while there...the in came another doctor, again very kind...explained exactly what the croup was, why Adrian sounded so horrible, what it was doing to his larynx and what we could do to help remedy it best. She left and a nurse came in, gave Adrian his dose of steroids and we were out the door. We got home at 1:50 am and off to sleep we all went.

Saturday was hard, but better. Adrian was not himself...very cranky, little appetite, rather hoarse, and just all around not feeling well. The ER nurse had told me to alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol to help with the pain and swelling around the infection.

Saturday night, he went to bed around 7:30 and woke up at 10 to 'chat' with his daddy and then got rocked back to sleep and slept all night til 7am:):):)

He took two naps Sunday...we did not go to church, since we had also been around a contagious baby and didn't want to pass on the croup to any other church families. Adrian and I napped in the morning for a couple hours while Cristian mowed the lawns and trimmed the edges of our yard.

He seemed to feel a lot better and we even ate lunch out. He had a little apple sauce and avocado before we headed out and also ate chicken, tortillas and more avocado at lunch. We could really tell he was better with his new appetite.

He fell fast asleep on the way home. I put him in his crib around 2 o' clock and he didn't wake up til after 5 !!! He was a much happier little boy. We even got to see Ludee and Paupau tonight.
We went to my parents' house around 5:30 and hung out til 7:30 or so. Adrian showed off his pirate crawl...that is his latest way of getting around...and get around he does. In the last month, he has discovered that he doesn't have to stay wherever I set him down. He has made his way through every room in our house, although he is not very interested in the bathroom...yet:) I'll take it as long as I can!

I have to go buy door locks for some cabinets tomorrow because he has discovered Mommy's pottery and dishes make noise when he touches them...after opening and closing the cabinet doors 1000 times. I pointed him to the armoire cabinet in our living room...because it only has blankets (not breakable!) and yet he still pirate crawls his way to the dining room and kitchen cabinets and the fun begins again!

I am happy my little boy is himself again, but still need those locks!

Now to the chairs...while Adrian was napping Saturday, my mom and I drove over to a craft show off of 281...on our way there we saw some chairs at an antique store on Hildebrand, so on my way home I checked on the price...the owner was willing to go down...a lot:) so I went to the bank and got some cash...this was later Saturday afternoon, Adrian was with me, and took his nap in the car while I drove around looking for the closest bank and then came home. I was too tired to go back and get the chairs, so when we came home, Cristian played with Adrian while I took a power nice.

On Sunday, right before lunch, I took Cristian to look at the chairs since the store was minutes from our house...he liked them...not to girly...and amazingly to me...the woodwork matched the legs from our table very patience in waiting and looking around paid off. I saved a lot and got 4 nice chairs. The owner got my name and number and said she'd called me when she got 2 more...I have learned to wait very well I think.

It's dark now, so I'll take pictures tomorrow morning and post them of our new chairs. I want to buy some material...probably toile and recover the seat. My mom recovered her dining chairs last year...very nice, I might add, so I'll just borrow her staple gun...hint hint...

around the table

detail of the wood work

detail of the legs...I like how well they match the table

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our little pumpkin

Today, Cristian took the day off to relax, recap all his studies and hang out a bit with us since he's been gone so much the past month at study sessions for his exam tomorrow. We were getting ready to leave and he needed to find a paper for UTSA, so I sat Adrian down on our porch and took some pictures.

He is so curious. Everything is interesting and fascinating to him. He gets into Mommy's books. (I put them on the shelf in his room, so I don't mind.) He opens the cabinet doors. He slides, scoots or pirate crawls (the one leg up, one leg down) to his mirror and talks to himself. He opens his cd player and gets the cd out! He is such a joy.

My mom got a video of him today...playing with grandpa and little of his latest thing...dancing. He dances while standing by the coffee table, while sitting in his high chair, while being held and while taking a bath. It is quite a sight!!!

Today's pictures, I set him down next to my mums and our family's so sweet to see the progression of him sitting there, slightly touching the pumpkin, then grabbing it, then realizing that it's kind of prickly.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I think I found the answer

I have been debating and debating on what to do in our kitchen. The outdoor bistro set was temporary---too small and too uncomfortable. I tried using a card table and it too did not work. I'm glad I tried because it showed me how narrow the nook really is.

So I continued my hunt and found a beautiful antique table...not too big (although it does have leaves) and not too small to look silly in the middle of the room....just right, at least I think so.

I still have enough room to move around the kitchen, since I do love to cook and I can also use it as a work surface when needed. Our dining room is right off of Adrian's room, so when he goes to sleep before Cristian and I eat dinner, we don't have to eat quietly anymore!

As for the nook, too narrow for a table, but I definitely needed something there. I always wanted an antique server / buffet / whatever. This is a sideboard, and a beautiful one at that. It fits perfectly...I didn't measure right before I went to the antique market and am so glad my memory of 5 ft. wide was correct! It goes great with the table and my great grandmother's things. Doesn't it fit just perfectly?

Now I'm off to find some chairs!!!
Oh, and I'm going to try to antique those stark white cabinets
in the next couple weeks...I'll post some pictures soon!

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