Thursday, October 16, 2008

I think I found the answer

I have been debating and debating on what to do in our kitchen. The outdoor bistro set was temporary---too small and too uncomfortable. I tried using a card table and it too did not work. I'm glad I tried because it showed me how narrow the nook really is.

So I continued my hunt and found a beautiful antique table...not too big (although it does have leaves) and not too small to look silly in the middle of the room....just right, at least I think so.

I still have enough room to move around the kitchen, since I do love to cook and I can also use it as a work surface when needed. Our dining room is right off of Adrian's room, so when he goes to sleep before Cristian and I eat dinner, we don't have to eat quietly anymore!

As for the nook, too narrow for a table, but I definitely needed something there. I always wanted an antique server / buffet / whatever. This is a sideboard, and a beautiful one at that. It fits perfectly...I didn't measure right before I went to the antique market and am so glad my memory of 5 ft. wide was correct! It goes great with the table and my great grandmother's things. Doesn't it fit just perfectly?

Now I'm off to find some chairs!!!
Oh, and I'm going to try to antique those stark white cabinets
in the next couple weeks...I'll post some pictures soon!


Dawn said...

gosh mere, your kitchen is gorgeous!! i love that table. the green & yellow you chose is so pretty! yellow door, love it!

new blog look = me likey!!

i want to come over for coffee & treats with you! next time i'm in town, i am sooooooooo calling you.

the mozas said...

please please please...come on down!!!!!!

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