Friday, October 24, 2008

Our little pumpkin

Today, Cristian took the day off to relax, recap all his studies and hang out a bit with us since he's been gone so much the past month at study sessions for his exam tomorrow. We were getting ready to leave and he needed to find a paper for UTSA, so I sat Adrian down on our porch and took some pictures.

He is so curious. Everything is interesting and fascinating to him. He gets into Mommy's books. (I put them on the shelf in his room, so I don't mind.) He opens the cabinet doors. He slides, scoots or pirate crawls (the one leg up, one leg down) to his mirror and talks to himself. He opens his cd player and gets the cd out! He is such a joy.

My mom got a video of him today...playing with grandpa and little of his latest thing...dancing. He dances while standing by the coffee table, while sitting in his high chair, while being held and while taking a bath. It is quite a sight!!!

Today's pictures, I set him down next to my mums and our family's so sweet to see the progression of him sitting there, slightly touching the pumpkin, then grabbing it, then realizing that it's kind of prickly.


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