Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Bynto & Cupcakes

Simple Easter Basket cupcakes for a sweet kindergarten party...
Top with buttercream, jelly beans or other candies and a Bunny Peep. 
Happy Easter Bynto for both boys

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Snack

 A couple Easter flower PB&J sandwiches, along with a clementine flower, fruit snacks, and a Clif Bar.
The boys ate this after their swim lessons today.
These boxes are from my local grocery store, as is the frog cup. The egg pick is from Dollar Tree.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Corn Avocado Salad

This was heavenly with our tacos tonight. I usually make this salad with black beans and spicy peppers, but I didn't have either, so I tried something a little on the sweeter side.
2 large avocados diced
Juice of 2-3 limes
1 bag of frozen corn, thawed
4-5 small peppers sliced
3 green onions sliced
garlic powder
salt and pepper
Mix together and enjoy!
Miz Helen’s Country Cottage

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Both boys had the same lunch today. 
A carrot egg (Dollar Tree!) filled with carrot sticks,
a jumbo muffin cup (World Market!) filled with apples, 
strawberries and oranges with a bunny pick (Dollar Tree!)
A bunny and flower ham and cheese sandwiches and baby chick cheese and a little Pirate Booty.
Bento Lunch

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garden, Lunch, Cupcakes...oh my!!!

I have an established garden that I keep Texas natives...plants that won't pass out in our HOT summers...I love the beginning of March when everything pops back out. My garden is lined with herbs that I get to use all year long!

My raised beds are for my vegetables. My 5 1/2 year old helped me plants seeds. We have green beans, chives, cilantro, parsley, cucumbers and basil sprouting up. The wooden trellis is for the beans. The black one is for the cucumbers. We're hopeful!!
  My serranos and jalapenos survived our mild winter, so I cut them back and now they seem very happy! 
I've seen this Angry Bird made from Baby Bell cheese ALL over Pinterest, so when it was on sale at Costco, I thought I'd give it a try. The boys LOVED it!! 
Simply, cut the bottom off, cut a thin piece of baby carrot into a beak, add candy eyes and a couple pieces of olive for his Angry eyebrows!
 Wednesdays are half days for Adrian, so we ate outside in the beautiful breezy sunshine.
Tomorrow is Mrs. Elliot's birthday! She is Adrian's sweet, sweet kindergarten teacher. One mom is bringing flowers, so I made flower cupcakes. Adrian is in a class with 5 other boys. 
 Dinner is served!
Two easy meals...pasta with bacon, grilled chicken and cream. If I had had mushrooms, I would have sauteed them in a heartbeat! Pioneer Woman has a recipe similar to this. It's heavenly!
Pulled Pork Sandwiched with slaw and good Texas Beer!

 Sorry for the hiatus. My allergies to ceder and ash have made me miserable for a few weeks off and on. I feel like I had the flu, but no fever. It's awful! Then my oldest got sick too, then the little one, then life happens and before I knew I hadn't posted anything in a month! I hope to take more pictures of lunches if I can get over the time change and go to sleep earlier...
Easter is coming, so I'll have a tablescape up soon too.
blessings to you all

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