Friday, May 22, 2009

My little boy is growing up!!!

Adrian finally decided to let go of my hand and do it himself.
He has been walking for a while now as long as he was holding on to something or someone's hand.
He is such a sweet cautious little boy.
I'm not sure what the freedom of walking by himself is going to do to him!
I am thrilled, at 15 weeks pregnant, I don't have to carry him places anymore.
Even to the car and back is a lot...he's 30 pounds + I'm sure!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This is why I get to celebrate Mother's Day!!!

The sweetest expression...Adrian is turning into a sweet little boy...most of the time. Like any almost 2 year old, he can have a tantrum, but for the most part is quickly diverted and back to his loving little self. What a joy to be his mommy!

I decided to surprise my mom with a Mother's Day lunch. She didn't know where we were going and she didn't know that I had invited two of her friends, Jo and Lois. It was great fun and a nice way to celebrate being a mom!

It's like that game when you were little, can you find what is different?

I think we've been here long enough, mommy!

My mom and me

Lois (mimi) and me

The best way to end lunch...dessert

can't remember...first haircut

Nice clean look...he's got a LOT more hair now!

Trying to keep him occupied while the scissors are in use!

I can't remember if I posted this or if this is a repeat, sorry!
I was looking for pictures on my mom's computer and came across these...
when I gave Adrian his first haircut.
know this was last year, just by the clothes he is wearing!
and to put his in perspective, I just gave Adrian his 3rd haircut this week!

The birthday present:)

Black bears and jaguars

The flowers were everywhere are very pretty!

these flamingos are so stinky!!!

The petting zoo...Adrian loved this,
as long as Daddy was right there...he just thinks these goats are really big dogs!

Our zoo has a new indoor African was really amazing...yesterday Adrian was trying to talk to all the fish swimming underneath and around the hippo!

We bought a family zoo pass so we could go anytime we want. The zoo is very close and it makes for a great hour an a half walk with Adrian...we actually went again yesterday after we met Daddy in the park for lunch...the zoo is about 2 minutes from where Cristian works. I did end up buying a $2.50 bottle of lemonade because we were HOT and the water fountain...the only one I found didn't work!

Here's some pictures from May was a great day!

The beginning of the garden...til this morning...

I think gardening can be one of the most rewarding hobbies in life. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun to see things come to life...
with all these yellow flowers on my cucumbers, squash and tomatoes
and the white flowers on the peppers and the flowers that haven't quite bloomed on the eggplant, I'm hoping for a very yummy summer!!!

I just bought some tomato cages to use on the cucumbers...
they need something to hang on to, and they were moving towards the squash!
Let's hope that tames them a bit...I just saw some baby cucs starting to show up!!!

an overall picture...the squash are huge...I had to move one of my sweet bells...I soaked her yesterday, so I think she'll survive the move...the tomatoes are growing nicely too...can't wait to see some red and yellow!

More cherries on this tomato bush...I think it has about 15 now!

Flowers started to bud on the eggplant below...

the squash below is about 3 weeks ago, the squash above was photographed this morning!

after a couple weeks, things begin to progress...

the first week of planting...everything looks so small

we're back!!!

I'm so glad I didn't lose my blog forever....I didn't want to start a new one in hopes that this one would be saved. It ended up that when Cristian changed this computer from XP to Vista it messed up the cookies and gadgets and all those other computer words and left me with an error message for weeks.

I have much to post. I will go take pictures of the garden and get them on here as soon as possible...there's also our first trip to the zoo and Mother's Day. See you soon!
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