Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This is why I get to celebrate Mother's Day!!!

The sweetest expression...Adrian is turning into a sweet little boy...most of the time. Like any almost 2 year old, he can have a tantrum, but for the most part is quickly diverted and back to his loving little self. What a joy to be his mommy!

I decided to surprise my mom with a Mother's Day lunch. She didn't know where we were going and she didn't know that I had invited two of her friends, Jo and Lois. It was great fun and a nice way to celebrate being a mom!

It's like that game when you were little, can you find what is different?

I think we've been here long enough, mommy!

My mom and me

Lois (mimi) and me

The best way to end lunch...dessert

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