Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The birthday present:)

Black bears and jaguars

The flowers were everywhere are very pretty!

these flamingos are so stinky!!!

The petting zoo...Adrian loved this,
as long as Daddy was right there...he just thinks these goats are really big dogs!

Our zoo has a new indoor African was really amazing...yesterday Adrian was trying to talk to all the fish swimming underneath and around the hippo!

We bought a family zoo pass so we could go anytime we want. The zoo is very close and it makes for a great hour an a half walk with Adrian...we actually went again yesterday after we met Daddy in the park for lunch...the zoo is about 2 minutes from where Cristian works. I did end up buying a $2.50 bottle of lemonade because we were HOT and the water fountain...the only one I found didn't work!

Here's some pictures from May was a great day!

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