Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's no fun when the mommy is sick

Wow, over a week and no posts. I posted last week and then got sick, oh so sick. 104 temp and a sore throat with blisters or ulcers or something in the back of my throat. I only know it felt like someone cut my tongue with a razor blade every time I swallowed...every time. Horrible. I told my mom I'd take labor pains over ulcers in my throat any day! My baby had a fever, then he gave it to big brother who got it and an ear infection. We sat at the Children's after hours clinic for 4 hours. He got meds, we went home and he gave it to me. I barely worked out and the one night I did after being sick for 2 days, I really thought I was going to throw up or pass out. Did I tell you already how much I hate being sick? I didn't write any new recipes or try anything, but I'm so ready for this weekend. We're hosting a family or two for the big game. I'm making slow cooker barbeque chicken, roasted chickpeas, Seven layer dip, Pioneer Woman's Knock You Naked Brownies (on her episode last Saturday). Can't wait. I played a little today with a Valentine Dessert Table. No pictures, I was too busy being a mom:) So hopefully I'll take some tomorrow and show you, if not, Happy Super Bowl Weekend!!!


Babs said...

Oh Meredith..gosh I'm sorry you've been sick, but glad you're better. And the boys,too. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.

Marigene said...

There is nothing worse than being a sick one can take your place while you are trying to get better...not even daddy! Hope you are feeling better.

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