Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chinese Take Out Muffin Tin Meal

 We drove to Ikea today (got some much needed cute storage for little trains, tracks, and even Mommy's bento supplies! And I bought a $15 race track well spent, I can hear them racing as I type.)
 I packed bentos with sandwiches, fruit and goldfish, but didn't take any pictures. The boys slept on the way there, so they didn't nap after.  Sunday naps are the best and I didn't get one, so I asked my husband to pick up Chinese since he needed to fill up his car with gas anyway.
The boys had a sweet heart cookie from Ikea, sweet and sour chicken, red grapes, fried rice and cheese. The sweet and sour sauce is in the last cup.
These red lady bug cups are from my local HEB and I haven't seen them anywhere else. These picks are so cute and animated, my two year old 'plays pretend' when the elephant is done eating:)
 Silly monkey!
Elephant King

 I still love making pretty tables, but I might focus on birthdays and holidays for a while. My boys are too busy for me to keep up weekly...but they have to eat, so I'm going to keep taking pictures and making meals and trying out new recipes along the way! 
I'm joining Muffin Tin Mom

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Those muffin cups are darling :)

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

I love what you did. the picks and cups are darling. :)

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