Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Giveaway at my place to yours!!!

I love dishes...not just Christmas like I've blogged about. I came across a couple blogs about tablescaping and wow...can I tell you these people have so much talent...finding things from Big Lots, Home Goods, antique stores, to their own wedding china and putting it all together to make a beautiful table. What a fun hobby! The other day I 'borrowed' some plates from my mom. They are Thomas of Bavaria dessert plates...beautiful and today I won an auction on ebay of some coordinating dinner plates...not the same pattern, but I think they will work together! I hope! I can't wait to get them and start playing around with tablescaping!

Enough about that...head over to My place to yours and check out her giveaway!


Stephanie said...

You HAVE to check this out:

Meredith said...

that's actually where I found My place to yours...amazing right??? I have her on my blog list so I can check out her ideas ALL THE TIME!!!

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