Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun Finds--after Christmas sales!!!

I love shopping after Christmas, especially when I get amazing deals!  I don't have fine china, soI have shopped for Christmas dishes or 'fancy' dinner dishes for years. I have a set of red glass plates that I had collected from Target (they don't carry it anymore, but you can find it on ebay for a heftier price than I paid). I paid as much as 50% off and as little as 90% off...and I have a few serving pieces that I have found along the way.
I've already told you about my crazy love for Christmas platters and plates, so this should be no surprise! 
After Christmas, Hobby Lobby finally put their stuff on 80% off. It was 50% off the day before Christmas, so 50% wasn't good enough for me:) I found the cutest snowman platter and four small plates to match for next year. I used a Visa giftcard my brother gave me, so really it was free!
But it gets better...more often than not, I have found Christmas items left on regular shelves that sit there til the very one snatching them up because, well, they're not in the raided Christmas merchandise as a good shopper...I wait and patiently as I can...
and then I go!!!
cloth napkins (set of 2) 39cents! (I picked up 2 patterns, 4 sets each)
porcelain serving platter $1.29!
red ceramic bowl (great for mixing pancakes and omelets!)
pewter beaded chip and dip tray
I also found two Thomas the Train engines 99cents!
2 Cars movie toy cars
2 red tablecloths
place mats
the cutest 3 foot snowman (outdoor w/lights)

If I ever make a pumpkin roll or yule log will sit beautifully on this rectangle platter! I'll serve it on my 75-80% off Christmas dessert plates alongside my 90% off napkins!
And to top it all off, for my bento fix I found handful of super cute cupcake liners and picks for next year!
I hope you got some great deals this season too! 
I already have some teacher gifts, Samaritan's purse Christmas box presents and stocking stuffers tucked away in my craft closet. Yippee!!!!

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