Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Christmas Advent Season to you!

In this post, I told you about an advent project I wanted to do for my family...something we could reuse every year to tell the story Jesus to our little's finished...or just begun. We will read a devotional every night from The Jesus Storybook Bible and each night we will put one ornament on the tree til December 25. I am going to make a birthday cake with my boys to celebrate Jesus' birthday. I hope you and your family have a special Christmas Advent too and remember why we celebrate this season!

Our advent tree (set of trees I already had) with a Nativity my mom gave me (it was hers she bought a long, long time ago at the Mexican Market in downtown San Antonio) The ornaments are in the basket ready for each night til Christmas!
Our thing I love about this old house is the wall to wall mantle. I have a collection of, things I found...even from when I was in's been growing for quite a few years! I love putting up the garland and lights and adorning it with all my snowmen and then watching my boys in amazement of Christmas time!
Our fresh cut Christmas tree all decked out! This mommy loves snowmen!!!


Dawn said...

I LOVE your family pics on the mantle. Beautiful decor, too!

Meredith said...

thanks!!! I was looking through my stuff and some of it is from when I worked at Shepherd Shoppe! I'm glad I stuck with the same theme:)
A friend from church (pro photographer) did those in May...

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