Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Find today

Since I have two little boys and I'm not sure I will have another child...I try to grab the 'boyish' stuff I see, when I see it!
Today, Target is putting their Christmas stuff out in the dollar spot section (even those these were $2.50 each). I found blue snowflake silicone muffin tins, green Christmas trees and red candy canes and gingerbread men(I think...I only bought the snowflakes!) They also had cute Christmas spatulas...if you're children are older than mine and participate more in the cooking. They had their Christmas sprinkles out...cute red and white candy canes, green and red dots, and green jimmies with white snowflakes...if I remembered them all correctly....for $1. The Fall / Harvest sprinkles were half off, so I got a handful for Thanksgiving and next year.
Hobby Lobby also had a lot on sale for Halloween and Thanksgiving baking. I found some leaf sprinkles...that I forgot to use in Monday's leaf themed Muffin Tin and some pumpkin silicone cups. My big A loved it in his bento...he said, "look Mommy, a pumpin!" 
I'll post pictures tomorrow when I take them...in better light! 
Party City does not have their Christmas stuff out yet, but I'm hopeful! I too, love the acorn and fall leaf picks I found there!

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Leesa said...

Thank you for posting about the goodies at Target! I'll have to head there tomorrow and see what I can find.

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