Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's only Wednesday???

It seems like it's already been a whole week. Monday night, we had a family friend over for dinner. While waiting for dinner to finish, my 1 year old bit it on our hard wood floors. I picked him up and there was bodily fluid I really don't like! So I called our pediatrician and got the gist on what to look for, worry for and not worry about. It ended up being just his broken teeth (thankfully!)...and he got over it quickly and the dinner went on. We had stuffed pork chops (I saw an episode of Diners, Drive ins, and Dives) but couldn't find the exact recipe, so I just did it from memory of the show..We also had sweet potatoes, salad and a crostata. I saw this food network special a couple years ago and after buying the 8 pack pie crust at Sam's, I needed to use some. I used Lingonberry jam and fresh pears in the crostata. It was yummy!
The night ended, we bathed and went to sleep only to be woken up by our SCREAMING alarm at 1:35am saying the interior back door had been was dead bolted and hook locked! The police came anyway, checked our laundry room (the 'door' goes to the laundry room and then leads to the back yard..) Apparently the wind or a critter moved the wires under our house causing it to think the door had opened...a little freaked out, we all went back to sleep...
I didn't take any pictures of Adrian's lunch yesterday, but I will take a picture today of the bento style cheese tray I'm taking to his Thanksgiving luncheon tomorrow. I found the cutest pumpkin picks at Joann's on clearance. They came with cupcake papers. 
Just to get away this weekend, we drove up to the outlets in San Marcos...only about a 45 minute drive. We had a coupon for a free pound of chocolates from River Mountain Chocolates (came with our AAA dad's early Christmas present after I got a flat on the highway with little A in the car and somehow locked my keys in the car with Big A strapped in his carseat and little A in my arms...) So I convinced my husband to go...for the chocolate and then I could go look at Crate and Barrel and the Pottery Barn Outlet which includes PBK and Williams-Sonoma. I found a couple cute melamine turkey plates for my boys and am going to use one of them as a platter for the cheese I'm supposed to bring on Thursday!

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varunner said...

The door thing would've freaked me out!
Your dinner sounds so amazing.

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