Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree Farm --- Pipe Creek, Texas

 We decided this year, we would try to be 'green' with our Christmas tree. We cut our own tree from a local farm instead of using our (very old) artificial tree or buying an import from Sam's. It was a good day to get out. A cold front blew in (finally!!!) Thanksgiving evening, but the sun was still out. Both boys napped on the way there, so everyone was in a happy mood when we arrived to find our tree!
Sweet little ornament!

trying to get 'baby Andrew' to laugh!
This one Daddy!!!

I want to go back on the green truck (aka hay ride!)

That's my tree!

Andrew wanted out of the stroller to see what all the fuss was about!
measuring our tree...7 1/2 feet tall (closer to 8 I think!)
Not sure if I'm fascinated or scared by the tree was LOUD!!!

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varunner said...

Love the pics - looks like a fun adventure. We put up our tree yesterday (we get it every year from a local nursery)

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