Sunday, November 7, 2010

bento and playdough at home

When we're at home, I usually still fix big A a bento style lunch. (he'll eat more of it, if it's cute!) So he had avocado with a dump truck pick, key lime yogurt with leaf sprinkles, peanut butter and pumpkin dinosaurs and colby jack bears!
I love these plates. I found them at HomeGoods in a pack of two which is great since I have two boys! The sections are big, so I can put a decent amount of good eats in each section for him!

new mini cutters from HL

Mommy's way of keeping big A busy while little A is toy
Play Dough at the Target Dollar Spot...and each lid has a little animal mold...we made ducks, elephants, horses, bears and puppies!

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