Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Christmas Advent Project part 1

picture frames
I am really excited about this project and wanted to start the posts early in case you also want to do this for the advent season starting December 1. This was created by two very talented moms at my church.
You will need the following supplies for this version---
  • a Christmas tree or something to hang 25 small picture ornaments on
  • 25 picture frame ornaments (I used rectangles, ovals and circles)
  • these two Bibles (I bought them used since I knew I was just cutting out pictures)
  • and the directions from the Redeemer Website (bottom of the page on the link)
  Children's Illustrated Bible
(make sure you buy the LARGE version of this Bible) the link on the Redeemer website is for the small compact version. The pictures will not be big enough...if you look at all the reviews, like I did AFTER I received my Bible today, you'll see all the complaints!
Bible, frames with cutout pictures, instructions
I haven't bought my tree yet, but will post more pictures when advent season comes


varunner said...

That's a neat project! You could also scan the pictures into your computer and print them out if you didn't want to cut them out :-)

Meredith said...

oh that is a good idea...I'm still waiting on the second Bible to come...maybe for that one, since I already started cutting the first one!

Chris/Amy said...

Very neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

Meredith said...

Amy, you're welcome! I hope it becomes a really sweet tradition in our home and others...if you do it, I would LOVE to see pictures!

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