Saturday, October 16, 2010

happy, happy 1st birthday, Andrew Graham!!!

Happy, Happy 1st birthday, sweet Andrew Graham!!! I am so blessed to be your mommy!!!

Greeting Mimi

my Godfather impression...faaget about it!
Above, he has picked out the piece he wants before we even finished singing! Let him eat cake!

Adrian says this is nummy!

sweet Auntie Jo


avalarue said...

Those are all my favorite photos! What a happy birthday party!

Dawn said...


Chris/Amy said...

Cute. And he looks so much like you Mer.

Meredith said...

thanks all of you! Amy, you can see I need to work on my icing skills...but I have a lifetime of opportunities ahead of me! if you have any cute 'boy' ideas, send them my way!!!

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