Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a time for thanksgiving

How appropriate that I am writing this during my favorite time of the year...fall, thanksgiving etc...I should be thankful everyday, but yesterday was definitely a doozy! I took my 3 year old to KDO like I do every Tuesday, then went shopping with my baby. I needed to get some stuff for his birthday party this weekend, so I went to a different HomeGoods...farther away than my usual route. Why be thankful? God's protection. I was pretty much out in the middle of nowhere...30 minutes or so away from my parents or husband. Closer to my home,  a light came on on my dashboard. I looked it up and it was for tire pressure. 
I decided to go a little early to pick up Adrian so I could go to the Discount Tire place after and have them check on my tire. I called my mom to tell her to see just in case it would take too long, maybe she could come get the boys from me and then I'd pick them up at her house...No problem. (I was on the highway access road, mind you.) Andrew was asleep in the back and I heard a thud and felt that tire just blew. I have 10 minutes to pick up my 3 year old. My baby is asleep in the backseat and I can't go anywhere. I call my mom again, get the number for the school, call them to tell them I had a blowout and my mom will pick up Adrian. While she went to get him, I call Discount Tire, got their tow truck number, and called the guy. While I'm on the phone with the tow co., a policeman drives up and escorts me down the road to  a safer location (more shoulder room). The tow truck comes rather quickly, and CHANGES my tire to my spare because I have a baby in a car seat asleep in the back...He then followed me to the tire shop, gives them my tire, gives me my receipt and drives away. My mom comes, Andrew wakes up and she takes both boys to her house while I wait in line. I call the tow truck company and the guy says, you're really lucky. We don't normally change tires, but take into consideration babies and elderly:) I said, well I think you have angels working for you! I gave him my credit card number and went inside the tire shop. They just happened to have one tire like mine at another shop so it didn't have to be special ordered...and it was fixed this morning...amazing. I know God is watching over me and my little ones. I'm thankful Andrew slept through the whole ordeal, my mom was home so she could pick up Adrian from his school and he wouldn't be scared and have to wait for mommy. I'm thankful we didn't have a wreck, the tire just blew but didn't send my car swirling out of control. The cop showed up to help me to a safer area and the tow truck guy showed up quickly and changed my tire. what a day!


varunner said...

Your blog looks so nice and autumny!

Ugh, car troubles just stink. Glad everyone was okay and things worked out without so much as waking the baby!

Creative Memories said...

Mere I just saw this! What a day for sure but thank God for caring people and for your safety! I love seeing updates on your blog! Keep them coming!

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