Friday, October 22, 2010

more bentos, goodbyns, and fun lunch ideas

this was an 'at home bento' thus the plate and not a container...I just love these little underwater sea creature picks...and they go so well with the sea creature cookie cutters. We had a very fishy lunch...goldfish crackers, grapes on a pirate's sword, a clamshell and a seal. Octopus and starfish cheese squares and a couple fish shaped sandwiches with the letters SEA spelled out in sandwich too! a couple m&ms were hidden in the blue fish container.

what I LOVE about the goodbyn? it's HUGE!!!  It holds so much food...I packed this for me and my TWO boys! We were going to my parents' house, so I took extra cookies to share... we had apple slices, turkey and cheese roll ups, pepperoni,  a cheese stick, Italian herb pita bread and a bear full of hummus. yummy!

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