Friday, October 8, 2010

park day fridays

Today our church preschool group went to the zoo! I packed goodbyns for the boys and me and was amazed how many comments (good that is) I got about my 3 year old's 'lunch tray'!! Some of my church friends commented on the pictures I post on facebook and I's my creative outlet. I can't sew, but I can cook and I can create a unique lunch for my little boys to enjoy and help them explore better eating habits. For my bentos, it keeps me from eating sandwiches...I can do without the bread!
I failed to take pictures of them bc we were running a little late and my 3 year old gets rather impatient when he knows we're going somewhere. The nice thing about a goodbyn on a zoo outing is that it is so big, it's sits rather nicely in his lap. He could pick and choose from his dino pb&js, pepperoni and mozzarella kabobs, red grapes with his elephant fork, mini box of m&ms and parmesan garlic potato chips. 
Mommy enjoyed turkey, pesto jack and salami roll ups, red grapes, carrot sticks with ranch and a couple potato chips too! Everything stayed really cold with my little ice pillows in the goodbyn and surrounded by the bigger ice blocks inside my insulated picnic bag from World Market. I LOVE that bag!

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