Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what's for lunch wednesday???

click on What's for lunch Wednesday to see more cute bento lunches!
I didn't have a chance yesterday to post Adrian's lunch, so I have TWO bentos for today. He took the pumpkin bento to Kid's Day Out. He has cinnamon spice strudel cake, brownie bites, grape skewers (in the blue box), a pumpkin turkey and cheese sandwich. This cutter is smaller, so I could make two baby pumpkins too. Then, with my new mini letters and numbers set, I spelled out pumpkin in colby jack and added some more mini pumpkins to the mix. m&ms in the orange mini box end his bento.

Today, we were supposed to go to Bible Study, but my sinuses are acting up, so daddy stayed home and took Big A to the park...they have PB&J choo choo trains, grapes with an elephant fork, fall leaf cheese cutouts and a pepperoni skewer, one halloween oreo, windmill cookies, a bear container of goldfish and 2 banana pops!


Patrizzia said...

Love the cutout letters.

Meredith said...

thank you! they weren't the easiest things in the world...but I'll keep trying!

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