Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Picks!!!

I can't wait to try these out... AGS is a cake supply shop. These are actually cupcake toppers so the stick is a little wider than my other picks, but still so cute. I bought scarecrows, a set of trains, planes, trucks and boats, and a set of sea creatures...starfish, octopus, turtles and clamshell. I have a set of sea life cookie cutters that will work so well with the sea life picks for themed bentos. And the trains, planes, trucks and boats? well, I'm a mommy of boys!

My baby turns one next week and I am having a bento lunch party for him. I'm making a dump truck cupcake cake with my wilton set, but with a fall theme--the cake will hold candy corn and pumpkins with fall fudge leaves on the ground around it. I'll make leaf and pumpkin shaped sandwiches, kabobs with the scarecrow picks, and more. Here is a picture of the same set used to make a train cake! click here

If you're not a local and you're reading my blog, I did find these on


care-in said...

I am just now seeing these. So cute! Maybe I can get my mom to go there next time she's in San Antonio.

Meredith said...

yay, you definitely need her to go there...or let me know if there is something you are looking for! I'm going this week to see if there is anything on clearance from Christmas.

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