Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy 10.10.10!!!

oh my goodness, he is such a snuggle bunny! I remember this week...waiting for you to be born on Friday!
I am planning my baby's first birthday this week. Actually I've been planning it for a while, but am getting down to the...what I have to do each day this week to get it all done. I found some oh so cute fall picks and fall goodie bags for his party. I'm making some pumpkin and fall leaf shaped cookies for decor and to give away. We're having bento style (finger foods) for lunch and I'm making a dump truck cake filled with candy corn and fall colored m&ms and some of the cookies will be adorning the cake.
I hope it all turns out the way it looks in my head! I do this to myself so often. I have the perfect picture of it my head! and then reality sets I'm hopeful:) I'll post pictures next weekend...6 more days and my baby is not a baby anymore. 

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