Thursday, September 16, 2010

world market bento finds

I can't remember which blog I read about the Bento supplies at World Market, but I was happy to find some things still there when I made a stop today.
These are silicone baking cups. Big Blue Stars and Little Green Circles!

They also had Japanese cookies, pink and orange flower baking cups, CUTE kids' water bottles and small to medium sized Tupperware like Bento boxes!


varunner said...

Oh cute! Of course, like so many other great stores, we don't have a World Market.

That muffin tin - I assume you meant the polka dotted tin? It's not a mini. My mom actually found it at a yard sale for $1 and the inside is painted with snowmen (shhhh, don't tell anyone, since it's not winter yet!). I have seen other hand painted ceramic tins like that in gourmet cooking stores - often painted for various holidays.

Meredith said...

oh bummer. I love world market. I meant the green silicone one with the muffin tin monday theme meal with the very hungry caterpillar:)but the other one is cute too!

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