Thursday, September 23, 2010


My mom so graciously shared her $20 birthday gift from World Market with us...we bought this cute water bottle (the giraffe is sticking out his tongue!) and a huge insulated picnic mommy can pack up those huge goodbyns for everyone at the park!
I had to go back to my local grocery last night and return some rotten strawberries. I found this dino box on clearance! It was the ONLY boy thing left...they had heart sandwich cutters and heart boxes...and ONE lonely dinobox...for $1, this little guy found a good home! I didn't use the dino cutters on's a little small. It's made to fit one sandwich. I used my new cups I found at Home Goods and filled them with one train pb&j cut in half, goldfish crackers, & pepperoni and cheese bears. The small green container holds m&ms and the blue side car holds grapes!


varunner said...

You always find such excellent stuff! Love the dino find.

You made me want to make a return trip to TJ Maxx in the near future...

Meredith said...

that dino find was interesting...I went to another HEB (our grocery) this morning, that had 2 of them...and they were not on

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