Wednesday, September 1, 2010

more bento...

Adrian enjoying his bento breakfast...
cheese apples, watermelon leaves with sprinkles
breakfast sausage and a mustard smile:)
Adrian's first bento lunch!!! I posted this earlier, but here it is again...
peanut butter and jelly trains
brownie bite
cheese leaves
strawberry triangles
a note from mommy!
turkey and cheese pinwheels, cheese stars, goldfish and grapes
strawberry wafer cookie!
new stash of bento from Japan! mini forks and picks,
mini boxes for jelly beans, m&ms or ketchup!

Adrian LOVED using them with strawberries and grapes.
pepperoni and cheese skewers, veggie chips and fig newtons
and m&ms in a mini box


bento lunch using our new dinobites sandwich cutter!
pepperoni skewers, cheese stars
grape skewers, cereal squares and m&ms in a little yellow bear!


varunner said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and following. I'll be following you back.
Love the bento. We just ordered a bunch of supplies off ebay from Japan to try it ourselves. We don't have any stores here carrying bento, unfortunately. Your lunches are cute - they must've been a big hit!

the mozas said...

thanks. I don't think we have any stores either...maybe an asian market, but when I called the guy didn't know what I was talking about. I also bought from ebay. The seller was great and combined the shipping too!

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