Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thursday

Okay, so I decided to try out our nibble tray for a very ducky snack lunch. The compartments are definitely small, but you can still get a LOT of food in there! He has cheddar cheese skewers and extra strawberries
pepperoni and cheese ducks
goldfish & wheat thins
strawberries with lion fork
grape trees (look's a tree trunk!)
pb&j duckies
panda cookies from Japan in the little car container (it's really an egg mold, but so cute!)
I rearranged from the top picture after I noticed it was upside down! oops!


varunner said...

I love how bento isn't a special occasion but a fun daily event for your boys! That pineapple is way cool.

Meredith said...

thank you! I found it online at w/ free shipping, but I actually bought it at my local grocery in the Baby feeding aisle. I bet Babies R Us would have it too.

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