Monday, September 13, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday and a weekend bento lunch

This is definitely a long shot, but the theme for MTM this week is the top picture is Finding Nemo, or as my 3 year old says...Fish.
You could say the pepperoni cheese skewers represent the coral, the anemone, the jelly fish??? The hearts represent Nemo's Daddy , Marlin, who lost a part of himself when Nemo was caught by the dentist...the goldfish...a little more obvious, the blue m&ms are Dora and the key lime yogurt with blue sugar sprinkles...the best I could do for the ocean!

Adrian was a hungry boy after he went to the park with Daddy. He got dinosaur PB& J sandwiches, grapes with mini forks, pepperoni & cheese skewers and potato chips...he picked these out the other day...Parmesan & garlic! yum!!


varunner said...

We like Finding Nemo - that's the cake the twins got when they turned 1 last month :-)
Love the little skewers. And the 3 tiered pick - I don't have any of those yet!

Meredith said...

thanks! those are from ebay, but you might also want to check out It was recommended by The prices seem to be pretty reasonable too.

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