Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where do you buy this and that? How do you come up with this and that?

I just started bento-ing, so a LOT of friends have asked the same questions...where did you get your picks? your mini forks? your cutters? your boxes? I will try to answer as many questions as I can remember! Please, leave a comment if you have a question and I will get back to you!

First off, I must thank Care-In at Sweet Brown Sugars for posting pictures in the first place. She has been making bentos for her girls and gave me a wealth of ideas to share with you!

I bought my Sassy boxes at Babies R Us, but have been told they are also at Target. They come in blue and pink. I bought my Dr. Sears pineapple bento at HEB (a local grocery), but they are also on I bought my goodbyns from, but you can find them on or I have yet to use the goodbyns, but I'm looking forward to it. I love all of these for various reasons. The sassy boxes are small, but great for my 3 year old. It fits in his lunch box. I can give him a variety of foods. Everything is separated by airtight boxes. Same with the Pineapple. It is smaller, shallower, but I was able to get a good amount of food in there and the leaves come off and freeze!

My divided plates are all from Target, but not new. I buy things like this after Christmas or Easter at 50-90% off. My plain muffin tins are from our local grocery. My bear muffin cups are from Hobby Lobby. I just got blue stars and green circles from World Market and they had more girly and orange flowers I think. Hobby Lobby also has a set of pink and yellow flower muffin cups.

I have bought all my Japanese items on ebay. I used these two stores.
Make sure you buy from one store, ask for a invoice total and they will combine your shipping. From these two sites, I bought picks, mini forks, egg molds, mini sauce containers, and more picks.
My silicone cups are mostly from a Wilton train cupcake cake set. I used it for my oldest's 3rd birthday and love all the different shapes.

On to my cookie cutters...I have a few sets that I have had forever...bought after a season sale thinking when I have children, I'll make cookies. I have sets of hearts, snowmen, and Fall leaves. To add to that my mom let me go through her stash and I found a star, gingerbread man, snowflake and a dog. I found a mini duck and bear and a big car at Hobby Lobby. My stencil cutter set was bought on

Hopefully this will get you started. You can go to your local grocery and get a couple ziploc containers, a package of cookie cutters and start from's really up to your imagination how crazy you get!


varunner said...

My piggy bento box you liked came from Ebay as well. I only paid $3 for it in an auction, but then of course you pay about $9 for s+h from Japan. All my bento stuff is from ebay, as they don't sell it anywhere around where I live. Along the same piggy box lines they also have a frog and a cat box.

Ludicrous Mama said...

If a mall near you has a Daiso store, it's basically a Japanese dollar store! The one by me, most everything is $1.50 each. They have the blue & yellow star/heart egg/rice molds that I paid $3 plus shipping for as an import - $1.50! Tons of little plastic mini cutter sets, cute bento boxes (the ones I saw were mostly $3.) Stainless steel flower-shape veggie cutters. Nori (dried seaweed) punchers in mini car and flower shapes (although I wonder if I can just use craft punchers! I have LOADS in my scrapbooking stuff!) I found a few packs of picks, and more!
I hear good things about (5% off with code "anotherlunch",) and they ship from within the US, so its faster and cheaper! Otherwise, I got some great stuff from, but the shipping was almost $20 from Japan!

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