Thursday, September 23, 2010

cutest pumpkin craft ever!!! and my mom's birthday menu

A friend of mine at Sweet Brown Sugars posted this link on facebook. I actually made one of these last year in MOPS but this is a great tutorial for exactly what you need to do....
posh pumpkins
My mom is a quilter with a closet FULL of scraps and fat quarters, so before heading out to my local craft and material supply store, I asked her to check for reds, browns, greens, golds and oranges...
I made 3 more pumpkins from her stash...technically to decorate for her birthday party this weekend. 
this was my original from a year ago MOPS craft! Don't you just love the fabrics my mom gave me from her quilt closet?

She just turned 65 years young while traveling in Nova Scotia with my dad and her brother, so we are celebrating a little late, but still celebrating!
We're having somewhat of a 
'Wine and Cheese' Night...
it will include 
Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread 
recipe here
 Pineapple Green onion cheese ball 
with crackers
Cream cheese with pepper jelly and crackers
Roasted herb mixed nuts
Pioneer Woman's rosemary skewers  
recipe here
wine, of course and punch...yum-o

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